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Instagram added a takeout button to make food delivery easier than ever

They've also added a gift card button to help you support local joints

1y ago

Next time you see a photo of a mouth-watering dish of say, brothy ramen, or a delicious slice of cheesy pizza on Instagram, that grub could be on its way to you in no time. Well, if the photo is from a local restaurant, that is.

Instagram has teamed up with ChowNow to provide “order food” buttons to restaurants’ profiles on the social media platform – as well as via stickers in their Stories.

It’s certainly a silver lining to this pandemic that getting takeout delivered to your door has never been easier. (But tip generously folks: our food workers and delivery drivers are putting themselves on the line to make sure we’re all fed).

Not only does the new function make it easier for us customers to order food, it’s a new way for struggling restaurants to boost their revenue.

The buttons and stickers will link directly to ChowNow (an online ordering and marketing platform for local, independent restaurants), for you to complete your order there.

You’ll also be able to raise awareness of the new initiative by re-sharing the stickers in your own Insta Stories.

Chris Webb, ChowNow’s CEO and co-founder, said, “During this unprecedented pandemic, ChowNow has mobilized all its resources to help local restaurants survive and ultimately thrive, launching new products and services in record time. This Instagram feature is yet another valuable tool we’re offering our restaurant partners — at no cost to the restaurants — to help them drive more revenue and boost order volume without suffering the outrageous commissions and fees imposed by other delivery apps.”

According to the LA Times, “restaurants must be current ChowNow clients to participate; monthly fees cost restaurants $99 to $149”. There are over 14,000 ChowNow clients in the US.

Jeremy Fox, the Chef/Owner of Birdie G’s and Tallula’s in Los Angeles said, “We’ve had to quickly pivot to delivery and takeout only, and this has been a huge challenge for independent restaurants across the country. With ChowNow seamlessly linking to our Instagram accounts — and not charging any commissions on orders — we’re able to promote all the new things we’re offering while ensuring that more dollars go directly back to our restaurants and beloved staff.”

Instagram has also added a gift cards button, allowing you to support restaurants directly within the app.

Would you order food via the 'gram? 🍲🥡🤳

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  • That’s an amazing feature... excited to see it everywhere!

      1 year ago
  • Only matter of time before it rolls out world over

      1 year ago
  • Hot damn! That is a sure fire hit

      1 year ago