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International Goodies: Are French fries even French?

O​r are they, in fact, from Belgium?

5w ago

W​ho doesn't like chips/French fries/Pommes Frittes? They are golden, crispy, and just so delicious if done right. They can also be a soggy mess, and in that case they are vile.

In any case, chips come in all shapes and sizes. Some are thin, while others are of a thicker cut; there are curlies and there are straights. And I kinda like them all, with mayo, or vinegar, or just not ketchup.

W​ith a heap of Mayo.

W​ith a heap of Mayo.

B​ut where did it all begin? The French obviously claim fries for themselves, but so do the Belgians.

A​ll I know/have found out is that a document claims that the treat was already over a hundred years old by 1781. It also claims that they originated in an area that is now in Belgium, quite far from the modern day border.

I​n any case, the first chips were apparently shaped like fish and eaten by the poorer folk, or when the rivers were iced over and fishing was impossible.

S​ome delicious Poutine.

S​ome delicious Poutine.

H​ere in Germany, the most popular way to have our chips is with ketchup and mayo together - or as we call it: Pommes Schranke. After that comes straight ketchup, while straight mayo, my personal favourite, comes in third.

A​nother great way to have chips is with malt vinegar, or better yet apple cider vinegar. I just love those two combinations.

T​he undoubtedly best chip-based dish is poutine though. Cheese curds and poutine just make them so much more delicious. Sadly, a good one, or really any old poutine is hard to come by here in Germany - so I kinda miss it from my Canadian days.

Tell us your favourite way to have chips in the comments down below!

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Comments (47)

  • Eh, Belgium is basically France. In other news, it was the Dutch who introduced me to Pommes Schranke. Not bad, but I still prefer malt vinegar.

    Though as Dutchmen go, I heard prefers to dip them in vinegarised wine from the 1980s.

      1 month ago
  • Ohh I love those. I always get them in Utrecht (city in the Netherlands), Where they have Belgium chips and sooo damn delicious

      1 month ago
  • Ketchup is my preference. 😋

      1 month ago
  • I've never had poutine. I love fries with a bit of salt and pepper 😍

      1 month ago
  • What I decide to have with my fries depends on my mood and the type of fries as well.

      1 month ago