- W​ith Strawberries.

International Goodies: Sometimes, I like Dessert

E​specially when it is tasty. And Italian.

A​ few Days ago, I had one of the best German Foods of the Season: White SPargel with Schnitzel, tiny Potatoes and a nice Hollandaise.

O​n that Day, I did not only enjoy a nice Spargel Feast though. There was also dessert. And it was also very nice. Even though it did come in a Cup.

A​ nice Panna Cotta.

A​ nice Panna Cotta.

T​he only available Option was a Panna Cotta with a few slices of Strawberry, some Mint and a bit of Cream. It was very much delicious.

A​nd probably very fatty as well, but sometimes, that does not matter as much.

W​hile there are definitely multiple Italian Dessert, I really do not like Tiramisou. Ice Cream is ver good though. And Panna Cotta, because I rarely get some, is one of my absolute favourite Desserts. Period.

E​xcept for when there is Mango Ice Cream. In that case, I would always go for the Gelato.

M​ango Ice Cream.

M​ango Ice Cream.

Sometimes, I even have my Dessert before the Main Course. I know, I am a bit weird like that. Usually, we do not have any in my Family though. We only do that on special Occasions.

O​otherwise, it would be nothing Extraordinary. It would be nothing to write Home about.

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