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I​nternational Goodies: 'Swedish' meatballs

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I love meatballs. In my opinion, Swedish meatballs are some of the best balls there are. However, Köttbullar do not even really come from Sweden – King Karl XII brought them back from the Osmans in the 18th Century.

K​öttbullar are made from Beef or Elk as well as milk-soaked breadcrumbs and sautéed onions. Usually, they are fried in butter and then a sauce is made from the remnants that are left in your frying pan.

T​here is also ready-made sauce powder available in stores today.

A​ Serving of Köttbullar.

A​ Serving of Köttbullar.

U​sually, warm Köttbullar are served with Sauce, Potatoes and Lingonberry Jam.

B​ut in Sweden, the Meatballs are also enjoyed cold or on a Sandwich with red Beetroot Salad. That is called a Köttbullesmörgås med rödbetssallad then. #smörgåsbord

I​ really love Swedish Meatballs, but I think they taste better from the Swedish Supermarket than self-made here in Germany. Those Swedes know how to get the Crust and the Taste just right.

*Y​ou can usually eat Köttbullar at IKEA and also buy them frozen from there, with most of the fixings.

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