Irish government shuts down pubs to curb spread of Coronavirus

The closure will last for two weeks, until 29 March.

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Amid growing numbers of Coronavirus cases in the Republic of Ireland, the Irish government has called on pubs and bars to close for two weeks until 29 March.

The total number of cases of Coronavirus in the country now stands at 169. Two people carrying the virus have died.

In addition to banning mass gatherings of people, the government has also requested that people do not hold house parties in order to stop the virus from spreading.

The decision comes after a series of social media posts showed Irish pubs overflowing with customers in the lead-up to St Patrick’s Day.

Irish Health Minister Simon Harris took to Twitter to denounce highlight pub-goers’ reckless behaviour, saying, “Not far from here, nurses & doctors are working to prepare for the impact of a global pandemic. Everyone is working 24/7. This is an insult to their efforts. There is very clear public health advice. Follow it.”

Last week, Guinness released a video urging the public to look after each other as the virus continues to spread.

Although it doesn’t directly mention Coronavirus, it says that this St Patrick’s Day will be “different”, before going on to say, “we’ve learned over time that we’re pretty tough when we stick together.

“On St Patrick’s Day we are all Irish, but let’s not forget that every day, we are all human.

“When you raise a pint of Guinness, also remember to raise each other up. Be good to one another. Celebrate safely. Thank the ones protecting us.”

The Irish government will review social distancing guidelines over the coming days in order to make a decision on gatherings at restaurants and cinemas.

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  • Well it’s okay. As long as it’s for the greater good. It’s fine. Drink at home

      1 year ago