1y ago
Irish Stout face-off : pick a winner

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  • Easy one that Murphy's. But Guinness in Ireland is a much heavier brew than you get outside of Ireland. It is different entirely. So I guess if you live in the emerald Isle a pint of draught Guinness is perfect. Just not in the UK or elsewhere.

      1 year ago
  • Best pint of Guinness stout I had was at The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland in a little converted school turned pub restaurant called The Nook . Go on try it next time you go and try the soup it’s delicious.

      1 year ago
    • sounds like a dream. I went to Northern Ireland once, but I only got to see Belfast

        1 year ago
    • There’s plenty to see up the Antrim Coast Road in Northern Ireland great for a road trip and if you are a big fan of the epic Game Of Thrones then you are in for a treat .

        1 year ago