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Irresponsible hour chicken quesadilla

In order to relieve the sleep-cancelling hunger After a long Netflix session, not many things are better than reheated leftovers.
chicken breast strips salvaged from the remainder of the animal’s grilled, refrigerated thorax, tossed around a frying pan with a tiny piece of butter, oregano, ground pepper and sriracha, heated up for palatability, reserved and later thrown on the last flour tortilla in the pouch, previously heated up seeping in the spiced chicken grease and butter of the same pan (flavour flavour flavour) and sprinkled with sacred merkén and pepper, all steps executed with the sluggishness of a glass of eggnog through and a tv marathon headache at 2:19 AM. Life is good isn’t it

Gen Z tip: for better (and more realistic) results, prepare this dish with a certain mindset, that of making as little noise as possible, as to not wake anyone in the house.

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  • That sounds like something I would do. 😀

      16 days ago
  • Looks pretty tasty

      16 days ago