- Would you dare to eat blindfolded?

Is food art?

Food, like art, can be beautiful and stir emotions but would you eat in the dark for arts sake?

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Food, like art, can be beautiful, inspiring, stir emotions, create atmosphere, inflame passion and stimulate the senses. So it is not surprising that a new wave of artists are harnessing its power.

By artists I don't simply mean artists who work directly with physical food. Yes, there are some talented artists like Food is Art who make beautiful sculptures including a seven foot Christmas tree out of cheese and crisps or Carl Warner who makes eye popping photographs from entire Cities he builds in food. That medium is wonderful but I am not talking about this kind of art.

I am talking about the new wave of artists inspiring you to connect with food on a deeper level. They are forging a path to create an understanding of how our sense of taste can effect the environment and objects around us.

But why? Well it's hard to explain - how long is a piece of string?

The subject is extensive and innovative so let me give you some examples of the work people are doing and you can discover more yourself - it's a fascinating area of work.

Kaye Winwood is an arts professional  based in Birmingham UK who specialises in visual arts, moving image and performance using the medium of food. She has recently opened a venue called Gulp where she can hold events which she describes as " a meeting, eating and learning space for curious appetites with a desire for the extraordinary"

She often works privately but if you want a chance to get involved she is partnering with Jashan Sippy on Wednesday 17th November. Jashan is a food experience architect from Mumbai and he is the founder of Sugar & Space where he has done many interesting projects.

Together they are hosting an evening called Eating Without Eyes, which is a unique dining in the dark experience that has already been presented in India, the USA, Barcelona, Uganda and Taiwan. So if you go along you will be attending the first British premier - swanky eh!

Guests will be blindfolded whilst eating a 10 course meal especially designed to explore the effects of tastes, textures and smells without sight. What will your sensory experience be like?

There will be plenty to chat about after dinner with the 9 other guests all keen to take part in the multi sensory experience. Booking details here.

If you can't make the date but you are still intrigued why not try out the restaurant Dans Le Noir in London. It's not quite the same as you are actually in the dark not blindfolded but it certainly makes for a novel night out,

Australian food artist Elizabeth Willing creates art installations that involve the audience like a large wall in a gallery that incorporated biscuits which the audience were encouraged to eat.

She also hosts dinner parties that challenge and confuse your senses where objects are infused with crazy flavours like leather on a knife and involve tricks like mirrored plates.

And last but not least, I just love the work being done by The Petit Chef it really will have so many enjoyable applications. They have created live and such realistic videos which play directly on your plate and interplay with your food. It's shockingly good and funny. To see some examples of their work have a look at their facebook page it is so impressive and will certainly make you smile!

Have you experienced something like this, please give me your thoughts....

Image courtesy of Gulp

Image courtesy of Gulp

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  • I had an eat-in-the-dark restaurant within walking distance from my house. However, I never felt tempted to go there because I strongly believe that the visual presentation of the food is a huge part of the overall enjoyment. The restaurant lasted longer than I thought but ultimately it closed down to be replaced by a very good Mediterranean style place, which I visit regularly.

      2 months ago
    • wow thats interesting which city do you live in

        2 months ago
    • Hi Jan, I completely understand your POV. I believe eating is a complete multi sensory act, of which visual stimulus is critical- not only to please the eye, but to activate saliva and all the biological switches that inform the act of...

      Read more
        2 months ago
  • My food art usually is displayed on my shirts, though some call them food stains, I prefer to call them Art! 🤣👍🏼

      2 months ago
  • Honestly this sounds like a bad teenage waiting to happen, I will pass

      2 months ago