Is Jeremy Clarkson filming on his farm?

Three tractors… three drivers… a cameraman? Could it be?!

2y ago

Jeremy Clarkson is a busy bee this week. Another day, another bit of chaos on his farm.

But what’s this we spy? Is that, a cameraman, three tractors, and some classic japes? Could it be that Richard Hammond and James May are set to feature in Clarkson’s ‘I bought the farm’ show, which will launch on Amazon Prime at some point in 2020.

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While we don’t want to get too – ahem – bogged down in the speculations, it doesn’t look like your average way to pull a tractor out of a ditch…

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I​nstagram @jeremyclarkson1

Has the FoodTribe prediction come true, and Richard Hammond has indeed got himself stuck in a hole... again?

We've got so many questions... we just need some answers.

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Comments (2)

  • The silver/white tractor seems to be a Lamborghini....


      2 years ago
  • well he is raising potatoes to sell so he now wants to amke a show to show everyone what he is doing outside of GT and make some more money. Money, Power, Money Power ad infinitum

      1 year ago