Is McDonald's losing the spicy nuggets war?

Burger & Lobster means business.

2y ago

McDonald's pioneered fast food, both in terms of sustenance and as a lifestyle choice, and for many, many years there was no competition. Then, things changed, people began raising awareness about nutrition and food quality and a plethora of competitors began to appear. Including upmarket competitors. And now, Burger & Lobster, a high-end restaurant group based in London, has launched its own spicy lobster nuggets to compete with McDonald’s.

McDonald’s recently introduced a new spicy version of its signature chicken nuggets but as it turns out, they weren't very spicy at all. Many McDonald's fans took to social media to express their discontent. Twitter users said that "McDonalds spicy nuggets are offensive to the word spicy".

Burger & Lobster's response didn't take long and now the group has decided to launch its own take on the product across its nine London restaurants. You can buy a box of six fresh Atlantic lobster nuggets, cooked in a spicy batter and served with either truffle mayonnaise or zesty lemon dip.

The price for a box of six is £15.95 and nuggets are only available from 8 pm to 10 pm.

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