Is milk the new water?

Scientists have revealed milk could possibly be more hydrating than water

2y ago

A​ team of scientists have discovered that milk could be more hydrating than water, as it works more efficiently with the body.

Professor Ronald Maughan, from St. Andrews' School of Medicine, explains that water is emptied from our stomachs almost immediately, meaning our bodies aren't taking on the water effectively.

“If you’re drinking water and then, within two hours, your urine output is really high and your urine is clear, that means the water is not staying in well,” says David Nieman, a professor of public health at Appalachian State University and director of the Human Performance Lab at the North Carolina Research Campus.

M​ilk on the other hand contains fats, proteins, salt and sugar, allowing it to be absorbed more slowly into the body due to its nutrients.

While there are fewer people drinking cow's milk these days, it turns out it could be a great way to hydrate.

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Comments (2)

  • People always ask how did you get so tall? My response “I drank my milk”.

      2 years ago
  • Love milk but sadly can't tolerate too much of it. Good for when eating too much spicy food and need to cool your mouth down

      2 years ago