Is post pizza the best kind of pizza, and the best kind of post?

Rejoice, Dodo Pub Co’s wood fired pizzas are delivering nationwide

6w ago

I’ve really been missing proper pizza during lockdown. I’m not currently in the same location as my Ooni pizza oven (even if I was, it’s reeeally cold outside), and I’m not in the vicinity of any great wood-fired pizza joints.

Sure, I can order a pizza from Domino’s or Pizza Hut, or the slightly dodgy local takeaway that tastes really good when you’re drunk, but not so great the rest of the time, and it’ll be at my door in 30 minutes, but it’s just not the same.

I was genuinely thrilled to find out you can finally get proper wood fired pizzas in the post, delivered nationwide.

Dodo Pub Co, the independent pub group, has launched its homebake pizza service.

The pizzas are made using a classic Neapolitan recipe: the dough’s hand-made and risen for 48 hours, blasted to an ‘almost cooked’ stage in wood fired ovens, cooled super quickly (apparently to avoid a twice-cooked taste), then topped with, well, all sorts, and vacuum packed.

When it arrives at your door, pop it in a super hot oven for 6-8 minutes, and voila. I tried the Margherita, Chorizo Picante and Truffle Funghi and they made me want to cry cheesy tears of joy.

The dough is delicious, light and tangy – basically you won’t be leaving any crusts behind. Apparently the team use Caputo Blue Flour which is milled in Naples. The sweet and punchy tomato sauce, naturally, is made with San Marzano tomatoes and the cheese is Fior di Latte mozzarella (although there’s a vegan version too!).

They brought a little taste of Italian sunshine to my life during lockdown.

The Dodo Pub Co pizzas are priced between £6.50 and £8.50 each, and you can buy a bottle of garlic dip too (mandatory for crust dipping!). There’s a minimum order of four pizzas for nationwide delivery (which I’m sure won’t be a problem!), and delivery is £8.

And if you have a pizza-loving mum, you could treat her to the pizza + blondie Mother’s Day bundle, which as you might be able to guess, comes with a pizza and a blondie, from Barefoot Bakery (needs to be ordered by 12pm Wednesday 10 March).

Which flavour pizza would you go for?

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Comments (24)

  • 10 points awarded, as I spotted the word "Chorizo" 😍😁

    Also, in lieu of a pizza oven, dare I suggest an airfryer? Has anyone made a pizza shaped one yet so you can do a whole pizza at a time? I know it's great for leftover slices but it'd be fantastic to be able to do a whole one in there... maybe they could have airfryer pizza stones as an accessory? 🤔

      1 month ago
    • OOH leftover pizza in the airfryer is nottttt something I've tried! I will look into this imminently!

        1 month ago
    • Is this because you never have leftover pizza? Hands down, an airfryer is the best way to reheat leftover pizza, it takes like 5 mins at 180C and it sometimes comes out better than it did when you first got it...super crispy and melty...noms 😁

        1 month ago
  • It sounds pretty good Rachel.

      1 month ago
  • Luckily we're making homemade pizza now so we don't feel that much the missing haha anyway as flavour I love the classic margherita, the 'viennese' (würstel and fries), marinara and the one with cooking cream, ham and corn (we call it mimosa)

      1 month ago
  • That's a great idea and I bet it tastes perfect. But I like getting drunk and ordering dodgy pizza! 🤣

      1 month ago
  • Ok that pizza looks really good. I need pizza now 😬😂

      1 month ago