I​s the future of fine dining vegan?

A new study finds 100% of the top 10 ingredients used in Michelin restaurants are meat-free, and over half are vegan.

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A​ new report from the British Kitchen and ingredient supplier 'Sous Chef' reveals 100% of the top 10 ingredients in Michelin Starred restaurants are meat-free, and over half are vegan.

There's been a noticeable shift towards vegan and vegetarian diets over the past couple of years, from the high street – including the CEO of Greggs himself converting to a vegan lifestyle – to high end dining.

T​he most-used ingredients in Michelin-starred restaurants are:

-​ Chocolate

- Potato

- Caviar

- Lemon

- Beetroot

- Mushroom

- Apple

- Scallop

- Lobster

- Tomato

- Crab

Both potatoes and caviar appeared on 72% of the menus analysed. And Michelin chefs are opting for the humble mushroom and beetroot over expensive produce such as crab and lobster. In fact, pork was the most popular meat used, but it still appeared at 13th on the list, and was still only seen on 52% of the menus analysed, ahead of duck, beef and lamb.

Chocolate is still a hit with customers, and was found on 80% of the menus analysed. It's used in imaginative ways, from the Smoked Jivara mousse at The Waterside Inn, to the Coriander White Chocolate Dome at Midsummer House.

Nicola Lando, Sous Chef founder says: “Veganism is at an all-time high, and it’s very interesting to see that the UK’s top chefs are favouring humble veg such as beetroot and potato over more traditional ingredients such as beef or chicken. Eating less meat often requires cooks to be slightly more imaginative in the kitchen, so it’s exciting to see that Michelin chefs are finding more and more unusual and delicious ways to serve meat-free dishes on their menus.”

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  • no. vegan has some minuses..

      1 year ago
  • If it will be so, we are happy, healthy, kind people of the future with heart and soul

      1 year ago
  • No, but it will continue to be a tag along on the menus in fine dinning establishments. Probably for some time.

      1 year ago