Is t​he Mediterranean diet the friendliest to your gut?

I​s this the diet we should be striving towards to achieve maximum gut health?

2y ago

A​ recent study from the University Medical Centre Groningen in the Netherlands has suggested the Mediterranean diet could be the best for gut health.

T​he Mediterranean diet mainly consists of foods that are high in nutrients, such as fish, legumes, vegetables, nuts, fruits, bread and red wine, all of which encourage good bacteria to develop in our guts, reducing inflammation.

P​ossibly the most important factor that Med-Diet approved foods offer is fibre. Foods such as legumes, grains and vegetables are packed full of fibre, and this is what helps our bodies to grow healthy bacteria.

All in all, not only is the Med-Diet clearly healthy, it is also extremely flavourful and delicious!

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Comments (5)

  • If we'd eat like the typical pictures of med-diet, maybe. But what I see here in Spain for example.. they eat everything with bread and olive oil or aioli.. along with their food. Even with chinese, japanese food... whatever cuisine. They wash everything away with too much alcohol when eating out. The younger generations don't really cook with the fresh ingredients, they go for time saving and cheap. Majority of the children have weightproblems. For the typical med-diet you have to go to the spanish grandmothers. From what I see in this area of the real mediteranean diet, I wouldn't say it is very healthy.

      2 years ago
    • I agree, however I think that is up to the person. Whenever I am in Spain or Australia, I always cook and look for the freshet ingredients, and I'm 19. The study was directed at those who do follow this diet and towards those who maybe should,...

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        2 years ago
    • Ooooh that is a tough question.. Fabada has become a comfort food of mine. Steamed mussels is something I always order. Paella with spinach and little anchovis.. I have so many things I like

        2 years ago
  • The Mediterranean diet is the best.

      2 years ago