Is this behind the scenes footage from Ratatouille 2?

France, restaurants and rodents prove to be a winning trio once again in this adorable video.

1y ago

In Ratatouille, the heartwarming Pixar film released in 2007, a culinarily accomplished rat made it into the kitchen of a Parisian restaurant and took the restaurant world by storm. This week, a video made its way onto Facebook that we suspect might be a sign that Ratatouille 2 is on the horizon.

The video, which you can watch here, shows a hamster sitting on a miniature chair and table on top of a restaurant table in France. Might this be a sign that there is more French rodent restauranteering to come? I doubt it... but it sure is fun to pretend.

Based on this rare and valuable footage, we can assume that the Pixar team are moving away from their renowned animated filmmaking and moving towards real life action filmmaking, a decision that will no doubt baffle critics and fans alike. Some have predicted that the introduction of a hamster to the narrative will see the franchise diversify from street rats, and it seems likely that the clash of pests vs pets will result in some cutting social critique of issues surrounding class, privilege and prejudice.

One thing that needs no conjecture is that the hamster itself is clearly born for the big screen. He holds himself remarkably well, and looks completely natural in front of a camera. It's quite reasonable to assume that this future furry filmstar will rank among the finest animal actors, including the pig from Babe and Toto from the Wizard of Oz.

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