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    Is this the best ever Pop-Tart flavor?

    It's the ultimate breakfast mash-up

    49w ago


    Much like the new album of a rapper, Pop-Tarts have a habit of dropping a new flavor out of the blue and catching you totally unawares.

    This time it’s Froot Loops, everyone’s fave cereal embodied by a talking toucan.

    The new flavor was seen in a Walmart by the Instagrammer @Snackstalker.


    “The best holiday gift is here! Froot loop flavored pop-tarts! Can't wait to try these,” they wrote in the caption.

    Someone commented that the Pop-Tarts tasted exactly like the cereal.

    Froot-Loops isn’t actually listed as an official Pop-Tart flavor. They’re available on Walmart online, but we’re expecting they’ll sell out fast.

    It’s probably not the weirdest flavor Pop-Tart have ever released - anyone remember Root Beer? Or how about Blue Raspberry? But it definitely raises the stakes in terms of breakfast mash-up.

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