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Is this the coolest whisky picture ever?

Every whisky lover has to see this.

1y ago

If you love whisky, you have to see this. This is a 8370-megapixel photo of 600 whiskies. You can zoom and see every bottle and see all the details, as if you were holding the bottles in your hand.

This is probably the best way to keep a tab on your favourites and make a list of the ones that you have not tired and want to try.

Let me know how many you have tried or would like to try in the comments.

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Comments (2)

  • Wow, that's impressive stuff! My guess would be that over the years I have probably tried something like 100 different whiskies, give or take 10 or so, mostly single malts but also some nice blended ones and bourbons. I'd obviously like to try the others but most probably I'm not going to live long enough for that 😉.

      1 year ago
    • 100 is a mighty number. I may have 20-30 give or take. I am sure you are going to live long enough. Maybe just add this to your bucket list.

        1 year ago