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    Is this the most popular snack at Disneyland?

    People are going crazy for it

    44w ago


    Forget the Mickey beignets and the Tigger tails.

    It seems one of the all-time fave snacks at Disneyland is something a bit more unassuming.

    One of the park’s top-selling items is churro toffee - which launched in 2018.

    Disneyland Resort Candy Production Manager Monica Weda told Foodbeast: "The churro toffee has been Candy Production's number one selling item consistently, week over week. I've never seen a treat over the last nearly eight years that has had popularity this strong and consistent."

    So what exactly is churro toffee? It’s made by covering squares of toffee in white chocolate and then dusting it in cinnamon sugar — the same blend that’s used to coat the churros.

    "It's got some weird magical quality to it," said Disney Food Blog creator AJ Wolfe.

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    Comments (2)

    • Haven't been to Disney since 1990, years before these were on offer. I guess it's time to go back

        10 months ago
    • I have never had any desire to go to Disney Land...until now

        10 months ago