Is Veganism just a trend?

I​s the fast-growing vegan diet simply a trend or will it stick?

Laura Bowes posted in Vegan
1y ago

N​ew decades bring with them new diets; from the 'Grapefruit diet' in the 1950's, 'Low-fat' in the 1980's to 'Atkins' in the 1990's, it seems our desire to be trimmer has led to evolutions in our diet-culture. However, these diets are often labelled as a 'fad' 10 years later as a new shiny experiment comes along; with this in mind, is the 'vegan' diet an exception or another rollercoaster of health?

A​ study by 'The Vegan Society' in 2018 revealed that since 2006, the zero-animal diet has risen in popularity by 450,000 people in Great Britain, with the sales of meat-free produce estimated at £740m in 2018; figures that continue to rise as the diet has reached new heights.

S​ocial platforms have begun to encapsulate the role of mouth-piece in support of the diet, with influencers such as Sophia Esperanza, who holds three million followers, promoting vegan lifestyle's and recipe's stating - "Vegan for the animals and the planet", in her Instagram biography, coupled with the popularity of #vegan which now has more than 89 million posts listed!

In addition, the influence of athletes to the diet has become fashionable including: Tennis Player - Venus Williams, Boxer - David Haye and Formula 1 driver - Lewis Hamilton who spoke to the BBC about his transition:

"​As the human race, what we are doing to the world...the incredible." - BBC

t​he cruetly is horrible and I don't NECESSARILY want to support that

L​ewis Hamilton - BBC

T​he supermarkets and chains are also keen to get on board, supporting the ballooning interest in all-plant and meat-alternative products; think Greggs new vegan steak bake and sausage roll, and KCF's new vegan alternatives. In fact, it is estimated that the market for meat-free food has elevated by £539 million since 2015 (Researchers Mintel).

T​he surge of #vegan is most certainly a large and active diet or lifestyle at present and it only seems to be gaining momentum, but will this planet-saving plate of enthusiasm lose its basket and end up on the shelf alongside Atkins?

C​omment your opinion: is veganism a trend or are we heading for a complete makeover?

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Comments (12)

  • As my father used to say, if God wanted us to be vegan, he wouldn't have made steaks taste so good 😉.

      1 year ago
  • Hey Laura, I just remembered I can drink alcohol this month 😃 . That was your challenge remember

      1 year ago
  • Well we've made a move this year to make all our beer vegan.

      1 year ago
  • Murray Rose was a vegan , whilst training for his gold medal winning swimming efforts.

      1 year ago
  • I’m not vegan but I probably will be one day for the environmental and animal welfare concerns. What annoys me is that a lot of people will fully mock and even vilify vegans. I don’t understand why

      1 year ago