Isolation diary: food and feelings of quarantine pt.2

    The second instalment - like the New Testament, only rubbish

    34w ago


    Day 8 - 26/03/20

    Half way there, lizard on a chair. Has anyone else's appetite just run away like the boy in a teen pregnancy? Didn't really feel hungry, just had an oven pizza and some digestives in the evening. A lazy day for food but productive for work. America fast on the way to having loads of cases. Still no lockdown or much else. Wild how much countries differ in policy.

    Day 9

    Found a steak in my parents freezer, made some garlic butter. Might have OD'd on the garlic a little. For now feeling full and french. Today is the day I PIMP MY BEANS. Pancetta, leftover beef stock, a little HP sauce with grated cheese, and of course Heinz Baked Beanz. Feeling good since my productive day yesterday.

    The juice is loose

    The juice is loose

    Boris Johnson tested positive today as did Matt Hancock (health secretary). Wild huh?

    Day 10 - 28/03/20

    Have been watching a lot of those Buzzfeed $1 vs $100 Worth It videos. Weirdly addictive but a fun way to get a fake food fix in when all the restaurants are closed. Watching these did make me ponder; what if they reviewed, erm, different stuff? Like, say "$10 vasectomy vs $1000 vasectomy". I can picture the $1000 one being a proper procedure, and the $10 is just your buddy with a meat cleaver. Who wouldn't want to watch that?

    Power for the oven was broken for most of today so just had crisps in the morning then a pizza in the evening when the power came back on. In other news, the virus might peak as early as April 5 with at least 5000 deaths in the UK. Got to remain optimistic I suppose. Definitely in the routine of isolation, haven't been good at exercising though. Was my dads birthday today. Had a slice of cake 2m away from him, that was a bit weird.

    Day 11

    Fishcakes today, cereal too. Appetite suppressed, feeling tired and throat feeling weird. I've run out of fresh food but there's still decent stuff in the freezer. I have eggs and a bit of cheese and a single potato in the fridge. Want to get one of those antibody tests when they become available. Anyway, haven't done much other than TV and endlessly scrolling DriveTribe and FoodTribe.



    Day 12 - 30/03/20

    Box baked camembert today, one of those Waitrose kit jobbies. Was good fun. A bit of work, a bit of TV. Appetite suppressed, feeling good otherwise. Watched the sunset, weather is so good at the moment. Also had the non-standard atrocity pictured below.



    Day 13

    Another day, another dollar. Have been watching a lot of Netflix specials recently. Today was the day I pimped my pizza. Sauted some shrooms to get the moisture out then topped a bog standard freezer margarita with said shrooms and one egg. Also did this simple herb/garlic pasta thing.

    Day 14 - 01/04/20

    Morning has broken, like the first morning. Reflecting back on the past 2 weeks, I've found that I've adjusted to this new style of living. What is more surprising is how much everything else has changed. When I arrived, there was no lockdown, no social distancing, very few restrictions. We were being told to wash our hands and sing happy birthday, cases were under 1000. A lot has changed and it seems like there'll be no end to this.

    How have you been finding this new way of life?

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