Isolation diary: the food and feelings of quarantine pt.1

A week in isolation, how hard can it be?

30w ago


Day 1 - 19/03/20

Arrived last night, isolated in part of house separate from everyone else. Not going near family members for a bit. Weird and quiet.

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on toast (and a bit ice cream after). Then nap, exercise, shower, binge. Late lunch: roast vegetables, potato wedges, and a sausage, chutney and caramelized onion sandwich. Roast veg are a bit old (mostly parsnips) as that was what was laying around. They taste decent in spite of their age (like many things). My dad brings me KFC, a lovely surprise. More procrastination, another nap, a short walk. I begin making chicken stock from KFC bones and old vegetables. Ice cream, biscuits, bed.

Quite bored. Some mild mood swings and struggling to motivate myself., there were Chinooks flying over the house and it appears things are hotting up in London. They've just said there might be a test to see if you've had it, improvements being made with treatments too. Cases jumped quite a bit today. Symptoms: 2 days since contact with suspected case. 36.3 degrees. Slightly tacky throat. No discomfort, feeling good.

Day 2 - 20/03/20

Made homemade pasta grandma style, had fresh pasta and chicken stock which was an okay 1st attempt, but overwhelmed by veg. Swank pizza, ice cream, bit of exercise, bit of work. Not a super healthy day but feeling a bit more normal. Lot's of TV. I need to finish this show to stop distracting myself from work. Slight tack in throat still and a bit flushy 36.5.

Day 3 - 21/03/20

Lets see, had a rump steak which I accidentally over did, slow cooked ribs which were fab and inevitably, binging TV and ice cream. Worked out a proper exercise regime that I'm happy to stick to, a bit lonely though. Read an article today saying COVID will peak in 10 to 14 weeks which is a bit depressing. My sister brought me pom bears. I ate so many of those little buggers. Cases jumped loads today. 5000+ now. Genie very much out of bottle. Still tack in throat, 36.8. No hot water so cold showers only at the moment.

The pom bear uprising

The pom bear uprising

Day 4 - 22/03/20

More exercise, my last good oven pizza and a bit of cereal. Not much work done, struggling with this maths thing. Did another steak, didn't over do it this time and tried to melt blue cheese over the top, it didn't melt with the residual heat as it rested so grilled the top for 2 mins at low heat. A few chores done, Gov upped the anti on the social distancing today.

Day 5 - 23/03/20

Was a moody cow today. Made honey glazed roasted poussin which was decent for a first crack. Used the carcass and the rib bones to make stock, simmered it for about 6 hours, haven't tried it yet, but should be decent. Also had ice cream, mini baked Camembert and ice cream. Car failed its MOT, Bojo put country on enforced lockdown. 3 weeks at least. This is going to be dull. Didn't do much work, tidied up a bit. Beginning to run out of fresh food.

Temp: 35.3 - seemed weirdly low, I did it thrice and the same again. I feel fine, so figure the thermometer is just dodgy. My flatmate from uni (suspected case) is feeling a bit better.

Day 6 - 24/03/20

Read today that loss of smell/taste is a a COVID specific symptom (not confirmed, but in some cases apparently). Had a rump steak (thicc and Juicy fyi), need to make fresh pasta to have with the stock I made yesterday. Might cook some sausage meat put it in the broth with it. Tidied thoroughly. Not sure if it's the isolation, but I seem to have a shorter temper, getting annoyed at small things that don't warrant it. Did a bit of work. Have about 3 days more of fresh food before it's freezer and cans time. Might ask sister to buy food for me. Nearly halfway through self Isolation.

A bit bummed out over how long this period is going to be before I see friends and loved ones again. It's not the end of the world though, and sitting at home is not a hardship. Want to make brownie but need chocolate and cocoa powder. May improvise with instant hot choc powder. 36.4 & no symptoms, not bothering with the thermometer anymore.

Day 7 - 25/03/20

Slightly runny scrambled eggs and sausages for breakfast. Have lost appetite somewhat, it's been a very slow week. One week (this evening) since I arrived and put myself into isolation after flatmate reported a chonky fever on the drive home A lot harder than I had imagined. In an effort to be optimstic about the next few months, I've decided to plan a beach and surfing trip when this is all over. Today was better.

So this was my daily diary from week 1 of isolation. Have you been isolating? If so, what have you cooked? Has the monotony driven you mad?

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  • Today’s my first day don’t know what to do with my self. Don’t feel like cooking, think I’ll just put a pizza in the oven

      7 months ago
  • Still working, still do the shopping, but personal isolation from friends and family- a lot of people stay at home, so just listen to the radio or phone with as many people as possible. Otherwise you got the feeling, you are totally alone. Writing isn’t the same, you want to hear human voices. Talk to my cat and to the birds outside. Hope, that we don’t have to go in total isolation. Stay safe, stay at home.

      6 months ago
  • Hang in there buddy. We all in this together. Day 13 for me

      6 months ago