Italian chicken with peppers recipe

A easy and quick Italian recipe for chicken lovers

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If you like chicken, this can be a good recipe: quick and easy. Let's start!


- 6 chicken thighs - 4 peppers (it depends on the size: if you find them large, 2 may be sufficient) - 1 onion - extra virgin olive oil - salt - hot pepper - white wine for cooking

About the onion

A tip about the onion: the red one is the most delicate and aromatic. If you find the Rossa di Tropea, buy it without delay. It digests better than any other onion! The Rossa di Suasa produced in the Marche, and the Tuscan Rossa di Certaldo are also good. I realise that perhaps you will find it hard to find them, so choose any red one, which will always be more delicate than a white one.


Cut the onion into not too thin pieces, as shown above. Put a little oil in a large pan and stir-fry the onion with the hot pepper over medium-low heat.

Cut the peppers into strips and empty them of the seeds.

Meanwhile, place the chicken on the onion bed and brown it on both sides over low heat. This is the right time to add salt.

Add the white wine (as in the photo), also add the peppers and cover with the lid and simmer for 15 minutes.

When the peppers seem almost cooked, remove the lid and let the wine evaporate.

Chicken is ready, enjoy your meal!

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