Italians have run out of brewer's yeast

Apparently, we are all baking while in quarantine...

1y ago

Forget masks and hand sanitizer, the true tragedy is that Italians have run out of brewer's yeast. People are locked down at home for almost 3 weeks, and what's better than using the plenty of time due to quarantine for baking? As a result, many Italians had the idea to bake pizza at home, make homemade bread and croissants, and these needs a main ingredient, brewer's yeast.

Now it's almost impossible to find some brewer's yeast cube and the few shops who still have it sell them at watering eyes prices. I thought it was a joke, to be honest, but checking in the supermarkets around my home there was none, and I saw friends purchasing the precious cubes at 8 times the regular price. Usually brewer's yeast it's very cheap, two cubes cost 20 cents, now people are selling them at 1,70...

Why brewer's yeast?

There are many raising agents on sale, either natural or chemical, the above said brewer's yeast is also available dried, there are baking powder and a lot of alternatives to this ingredient. The fact is that fresh brewer's yeast is the simplest and most used raising agent, and most of us learned how to bake using it.

Skilled people can make homemade sourdough, but it's a long process and it really needs to be careful, sourdough is a sort of living thing, which needs constant care and attention, and also takes a lot of time. I've never tried it and I'm not going to share any recipe because I don't want to poison anyone.

Anyway, if you fancy to make pizza at home but you don't have brewer's yeast, this is a good alternative I'm going to try.

150 ml of beer, a teaspoon of sugar and one and a half tablespoon of flour. Let rest for a whole night, and you will have the equivalent of 70 grams of brewer's yeast.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna take good care of my last cube!

What do you think?

Which kind of yeast do you use for baking?

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Comments (19)

  • Do without I suppose. I went out shopping for eggs yesterday, none. We only hope this won’t last too much longer. Be safe

      1 year ago
    • I still have some, and I am going to try some alternative ways, other than that, there's anything on the shelves, even my favorites crisps! Stay safe you too 😬

        1 year ago
  • Looks delicious- there is no need to panic, but the people still buy flour like there is no tomorrow. So we buy our bread and the cakes and cookies, because we are (in the moment out of flour) don’t even ask for dry yeast. But there’s enough fresh bread to buy. It’s just if you think you want to do something and it isn’t possible now...stay safe, stay healthy, that’s important

      1 year ago
    • Indeed! Thankfully here almost everything is available, and except a few isolated occasions there wasn't episodes of people panic buying 😬

        1 year ago
    • Some people in Germany are special 🤣

        1 year ago
  • For example 🤣

      1 year ago
  • That's disaster! Culturing your own wild yeast is time consuming and hard work.

      1 year ago
    • I know, it's sort of like to cultive a delicate plant, and I'm not that great at it lol and above all I'm scared to intoxicate someone 😂😅

        1 year ago
    • Maybe use some unpasteurised beer as a starter?

        1 year ago
  • Stock up on can goods

      1 year ago