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Italians look away now

I had a sudden urge to make a pizza. I’ve never done it before and obviously I didn’t have the time to do it properly with yeast and long proofs so I made something up on the spot and it worked pretty damn well considering.

10 minute homemade pizza from scratch:

- Pre heat oven full whack

- In a bowl put an amount of bog standard flour, add roughly 1/8 of the flour volume in baking powder, drizz of olive oil, salt and enough water to combine into a tacky dough. No need to knead, just press dough out from the middle into a rough pizza shape. Top it with whatever you want but I was in a hurry so ketchup, grated cheddar and olive oil.

- season it up, whack in the oven on some baking parchment and if your oven is hot enough this will cook in 5 mins.


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