Italians, look away now: Truck accident floods road with tomato puree

Two lorries collided, one carrying tomato puree...

2w ago

Italians, look away now. A major road in Cambridgeshire, the A14, has been closed due to a two-lorry collision. So far so normal, except one of the lorries was carrying a lot, and we mean a lot, of tomato puree.

A 12 mile section of the road had the be closed due to being covered in tomato puree and olive oil. Thankfully a third lorry stuck in the traffic was full of spaghetti, so everyone was a winner and well fed...

Jokes aside, the road looked less like a delicious Italian dinner and more like a horror film.

It's going to take the cleaning team a lot of time to ketchup, and to allow the traffic to passata safe distance. Puree simple, this is one of the worst accidents we've seen. In Heinze sight, we're sure both drivers are feeling pretty bad about everything.

Following the incident, one of the two drivers was taken to hospital but has since been discharged. Hopefully he won't be seeing red.

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