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It's a lockdown, again! Let's have bit of France for dinner!

10w ago

It's another lockdown in Melbourne. So, I thought, let's brighten up our Sunday with a bit of France. First course was not French, it was cream of roasted vegetables soup made with roasted pumpkin, cauliflower and broccoli. But second course was. Very popular in France, quenelles. Fish quenelles are most popular. Perch-pike quenelles, originally from Lyon, is a signature entre of our family favorite, La Tour d'Agrent. However, I made chicken quenelles. I didn't have suitable fish in either fridge or freezer. I topped my quenelles with blue cheese and my darling wife preferred home made truffle mayonnaise. I always make mayonnaise, but I never eat it. I just don't like it. My soup looks plain, without white swirl. I put goat milk cheese in my. The idea, I picked from Gordon Ramsey and I loved. My wife prefers Crème Fraiche. O, well! We put lockdown to good use!

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