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It's a miracle... sparkling wine flowed from taps in Italian village

Do you prefer wine from a bottle, or your tap?

1y ago

You would have to be really wealthy and a little bit crazy to have wine flowing out your kitchen tap intentionally. However, for the people of Castelvetro di Modena in Italy, this actually happened.

The village is known for its Settecani Castelvetro winery, which specialises in Lambrusco Grasparossa, a variety of sparkling red wine. As it's fizzy in nature, one of the silos containing the ready-to-be-bottled fizz had a leak, and the wine found its way into the local water supply.

This led to many people's dreams coming true, with wine coming out of their faucets.

Settecani Castelvtro winery apologised on Twitter, saying the wine was safe and it would not cause any health or hygiene risks.

"Due to a fault in the bottling line, Grasparossa came out of some taps of Settecani. Hera intervened on our report and the problem was solved. The accident did not involve hygienic or health risks. We apologise for the possible inconvenience."

In our eyes, that's definitely not an inconvenience...

The next day the winery was a little more lighthearted on its Facebook page, asking if people preferred wine from a bottle or tap.

This begs the question...

Do you prefer wine from a bottle or tap?

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