It's International Sticky Toffee Pudding Day - here's how to celebrate!

A stickily sweet pudding recipe that will tickle your tastebuds...

5w ago

It is thought that the creation of the sticky toffee pudding traces back to the 1940s, introduced by two Canadian air force officers and a British hotel manager. While staying at a hotel in Lancashire during WWII, the officers shared the recipe with Patricia Martin, the hotel manager.

Several decades later, the recipe was then shared with Francis Coulson and Robert Lee, two employees at the Sharrow Bay Country House Hotel – the duo who then became the first people to sell this delightful dessert to the public, making it a ubiquitous success.

This history of the pudding, however, is debated by many.

Though the exact origins of sticky toffee pudding are disputed, one thing that everyone can agree on is that with its date-infused sponge cake and sweet toffee sauce, the humble sticky toffee pudding makes for a perfect feature on any dessert menu.

This classic recipe is best served with custard, clotted cream, or even vanilla bean ice-cream, for a truly decadent experience!

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  • I love the recipe but you are way off on the amount of custard, cream or ice cream required. I'd say about a gallon 😆😆😆

      1 month ago
  • My second most favourite pudding (first being blackberry and apple crumble).

      1 month ago