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    It's May 4th and I've got a question : What are you going to do next?

    30w ago


    - Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

    So today, May 4th, marks the beginning of a special week for a lot of people across the globe because several countries (especially in Europe) will gradually ease lockdown / shelter-in-place restrictions starting today. Now, this is going to have a different meaning for you, depending on where you're based. I know that restaurants are de-facto already open in several regions and countries whereas in other countries, restaurants are still closed (with the exception of take-out orders) but you'll be able to visit friends, and/or you're going to have more freedom of movement and so and so forth. So my question is, is there anything you'll do this week that you couldn't do yesterday and you haven't done in weeks or months?

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    • I want to visit my family and maybe visit a park and I have an appointment with my Friseur 💇‍♂️

        7 months ago