It's that time again: top foodie tweets of the week

Eat food, tweet food, repeat

1y ago

So, here it is: Bank Holiday weekend. Back in the olden days, come 5 o'clock we'd be holed up in any old pub with a garden, commencing celebratory drinking procedures – maybe even touching each other – in our pre-Coronavirus naïveté.

And now? Well, the booze remains – but other than that, the long weekend is in danger of merging in with the rest of these directionless lockdown days.

So, to help spread some Easter cheer, I've put together this list of the most entertaining foodie musings served up by Twitter this week. Grab a pack of Mini Eggs and have a read.

The power of the pharaohs was summoned... and manifested in bread

We were united in our longing for simpler times

Some of us started to channel renowned b*****d Grandpa Joe

The world's beigest sandwich™ was born, and may have been illegal

A Hoover went feral and stole someone's egg

Government-approved supermarket trips were put to excellent use

The passé 12-hour clock got a much-needed upgrade

We were blessed with this cheesy, pickly James May earworm

An important public service announcement made the rounds

Ina Garten decanted a GIANT cocktail into one big-ass glass. And we were jel.

A little girl demonstrated proper etiquette in the face of lockdown food

All sensible (and stupid) bids were accepted

And spicy sausage slices became the new official currency

Seen any other foodie nonsense in the Twitter realm recently? Share it below!

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