It's time to try Costa's Coca-Cola coffee

Insane or irresistible?

41w ago

I hope that I am not the only one who finds Coca-Cola’s annual Christmas advertisements a little bit odd. Aside from the fact that they are more repetitive than adorable, watching an entire community pour out of their homes to wonder in the amazement of a red lorry dishing out teeth-destroying drinks doesn’t strike me as being in keeping with the festive spirit, regardless of the amount of fake snow that is thrown about.

Originality and relevance is surely the key to any good product, which is why I think that the new blend of Coca-Cola and coffee available at Costa Coffee is likely to be the creative craving we have been missing for so long.

However, critics of the new and exclusive drink appear to be baffled with the concept, questioning why anyone would think it would be a good idea.

In reality, there are a million different flavoured coffees to choose from, ranging from gingerbread or berries to salted caramel or bacon. Actually, I think the bacon one was just a dream I had once, which now that I think about it would probably make a perfect coffee flavour. Iced coffees are a trendy invention too, so I really don’t see the issue with mixing your coffee with Coke – it works well with whisky, anyway.

For now, the legendary concoction is only being offered to Costa’s customers in China. The beverages on offer include a Coca-Cola-infused latte and cappuccino, which will soon be joined by a Cold Brew launching in July. It is surely only a coincidence that a Coca-Cola and Costa combination should be announced just two years after Coke bought the coffee chain for £3.9 billion.

If it ever arrives on the UK’s shores I’ll definitely be taking a punt and splashing out to buy one. The only thing I’ll have to consider is perhaps cutting down on the additional sugar (otherwise the Coca-Cola coffee is likely to leave me completely toothless).

Do you like the idea of a Coca-Cola coffee?

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Comments (5)

  • Why is everyone making WEIRD THINGS at the moment?

      9 months ago
    • People have got too much time on their hands. It's almost like they've been sat at home for months

        9 months ago
  • Sounds awful and sugar ruins coffee anyway. As it does tea, just overpowered the flavour

      9 months ago
  • 🤢 Not sure about that

      9 months ago
  • What amazes me is that the syrup bottles mimic bottles of alcohol, generally posh liqueur ones.

    I know that the marketing people do this to add a sense of value and mystique. I find t a bit pathetic.

    My favourite syrup comes in a tin, with a dead lion being eaten by flies on it.

      9 months ago