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Jack Daniel's Peach is here for summer

The little bottles of refreshment are the ideal accompaniment of a sweltering day.

1y ago

Summer is fast approaching, so it is only sensible that preparations are made for the upcoming surge in burger flipping and liquor guzzling.

As well as making sure that the all-important health insurance is up-to-date (for those predictable mistakes caused by, shall we say, over excitement), it is absolutely crucial that kitchens are packed with the summer enjoyment essentials; basically, alcohol and meat – what else could be needed?

In times such as this we turn to our trusted and reliable friend Jack Daniel’s to provide us with the invaluable service of keeping our mood at maximum happiness throughout the long, hard days spent snoozing in the back yard.

For me, Jack Daniel’s traditional whiskey has always provided great satisfaction, but, since it is accepted that there are people who are considerably less boring than me, the company is renowned for offering a huge variety of flavors, including apple, honey and cinnamon.

In fact, the experts in Tennessee whiskey also produce a Country Cocktails line-up that includes a specialist Southern Peach malt beverage. Described as “a refreshing take on southern charm”, the drink can be guaranteed to provide a fruity enjoyment with a suitably sweet taste. As the Southern Peach is likely to be one of those drinks that is just far too easy consume, it’s worth bearing in mind that each bottle contains 4.8% alcohol – so, they probably won’t be suitable for kids’ parties.

The Southern Peach is just one item of Jack Daniel’s expansive Country Cocktails range, which also includes Southern Citrus, Watermelon Punch, Lynchburg Lemonade, Black Jack Cola, Cherry Limeade, Downhome Punch and Berry Punch. Variation, then, is not an issue.

Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach may not be the easiest thing to find, as it seems that some retailers are low on stock; but, when you’re lucky enough to find it, a pack of six bottles can be purchased for around $7.79 – and don’t forget to send one to me.

What’s your summer drink of choice?

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