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Jack Monroe is solving all your lockdown meal problems

Send this 'chef of the people' photos of what you have left in your larder and they will tell you how to make the most of it!

1y ago

You may know them as @BootstrapCook and the author of the blog Cooking on a Bootstrap. For years they have been less concerned with making their way up a ladder of fame and fortune and more concerned with making sure we, the people, can feed ourselves and our families – and still have enough money left to pay for things like our rent. They are also pretty funny and that equates to one of the best sort of people!

They are a Saint in the making and have made themselves available to us all, every day at 5pm (UK time), to make sure the lock down doesn't see us all waste away to nothing with a larder full of mismatched and out of date ingredients!

Using the hashtag #JackMonroesLockdownLarder you can send them a photo of your larder, or questions about anything you have in it, and they will give you suggestions as to how to use it, and make the most out of it, so that it doesn't go to waste.

They are never out of ideas so, if you're looking at the most peculiar assortment of nonsense wondering what ever possessed you to allow them to share cupboard space, throw a tweet about it their way and wait for the inspiration to flow.

The idea behind it was originally to help people use up what they had because we are being encouraged not to venture out the house at the moment unless it's absolutely necessary. We are all guilty of heading to the shops for supplies on a weekly (maybe more) basis but never actually having empty cupboards and how many of us have pulled a tin from the back of the cupboard and been mortified at the expiry date?

What a waste! And now there is no excuse to keep that up. Show them what you've got so you can get it out the way and get some really cool ideas along the way. Nothing is too obscure!

If these ideas have brought out the creativity in you, head over to Jack's website, Cooking on a Bootstrap to see tonnes of really cool ideas that will cost you next to nothing and have a browse of their books.

What have you got in the kitchen that you would like some ideas for?

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