James May reveals what he thinks of veganism

He also tells us what Clarkson and Hammond would be if they were drinks.

Lucy Brown posted in Vegan
2y ago

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  • Clarkson would be Jagermeister. 😂😂

      2 years ago
  • @James May I am very pleased with your interview ... How interesting. This is a real surprise and a gift for all of us! But you are the biggest gift for me ... In fact, I was so afraid that you would ever want to eat vegans :) I already thought what kind of dish I should become ...I'm kidding! :)

    But you even want to become such a very happy person. I can say that this is the path to health. Of course it is Very expensive. But it heals everything. Because what feed the cows? Things that is cheaper and more profitable. And they are injected with antibiotics, hormones and much more.

    This is so beautiful, this is the most wonderful moment when I found out that you are not indifferent to your cat and to living creatures around. That you want to see the happy face of a cow and to know that it lives with people like your cat with you and makes children happy. The cows are very kind ...they like to play! :) They can be kept like fish in aquarium.

    It was very interesting to learn about your favorite drinks ... I thought Jeremy likes only wine. As before in the Middle Ages. I thought Richard drinks only from large glasses :) I wonder what you drink? Maybe tea or beer? I think beer.

    Veganism is a great way to create yourself the best mood for life. I always feel happy, healthy and in a good mood. Since I became a vegan 12 years ago :) I thought that the world should be kinder and everything should be different. And decided to start with myself! Only in one day I changed everything for life ... :) Actually, after that I became much kinder and the world changed for the better, the world also became much kinder to me. Now I understand plants and their useful properties, I like to buy all sorts of unusual and very useful plant things ... And that did not make me silly. I study only for the highest marks in all subjects for the second year of five, one at the institute. And I write scientific papers more than anyone before me in the history of our institute ... :) I proved that vegans are not moronic green creatures? :)

    And the performance of vegans is excellent. I didn’t sleep for three days before the session ... It was a record. it’s true that I allowed myself at this time to eat as much as I wanted without looking at the figure :) And if I tell you ... I didn’t want to study at the school and I spent all my efforts on computer games :)

    But my veganism also has a secret ! You need to have something useful. Not just regular fruits and vegetables. I have a list of useful and rare plants that treat everything :) They can come in handy for you! :) This is buckwheat, quinoa, kokhinaya, young green coconut with water, sesame, chia, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, avocado, amaranth, milk thistle, nuts, of course, the best is macadamia nut, chili peppers, cocoa beans, cashew nuts make an excellent cheese for spaghetti, chickpeas, lentils, beans, mung bean tea, rhododendron teas and other ingredients in tea, herbal balms, natural fruit syrups instead of sugar, urbec from seeds and nuts, every Thailand exotic fruit is the best treatment... and it was precisely in Russia that they found chaga mushroom in one village, which men drank instead of tea, and therefore the whole village was not sick for many centuries. This mushroom treats oncology. Birch buds are very useful ... I think I wrote a lot ... :) You have so good vegan culture in England ... You have more than everything.

    But about burgers and another ... We have a cafe for vegans in our little Belarus where you can buy tasty burgers of all kinds, pizzas of different kinds, herring under a fur coat, olivier, borsch, fish and sausages with cheeses of all kinds from Mozzarella and Dutch to Gaudi, milk from rice, oats, wheat, buckwheat. We have such products meat, fish, cheese for vegans are made from wheat protein with spices called seitan, and cheese from peas. I don’t like soy, and I don’t understand it, and don’t eat it. I can imagine how much of this you have in England!

      2 years ago
  • Can I repost it on Drivetribe? :)

      2 years ago
  • Say hi to your cow friends from me. They do know you. And they appreciate your view of the future. So does my cat.

      2 years ago
  • I’ve tried to cut my meat consumption down because very soon we will be eating farmed Insects anyway.

      2 years ago
    • First I want to say that I do enjoy chocolate covered crickets, but I do think meat has a place on our tables for a while but it will get much more expensive.

      The US used to have large buffalo herds that maintained then ecology. Without them, a...

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        2 years ago
    • Maybe you will, but I will still eat the real deal

        2 years ago