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Jameson is launching cold brew whiskey

This is one beverage mash-up we can get on board with

1y ago

In yet more beverage-mashup news (at this rate we need a weekly column dedicated to this very topic), Jameson are getting in on the drink-fusion action.

The dependable whiskey brand have announced they’re launching Jameson Cold Brew in the US (there was previously a limited edition release outside the states).

But unlike some of the other drink mashups (we’re looking at you, wine hard seltzer) coffee-infused Irish whiskey seems like more than a gimmick. The pair are a match made in heaven.

"By combining the smooth taste of triple distilled Jameson and the richness of natural cold brew coffee flavor into one bottle, Jameson Cold Brew celebrates a passion for whiskey and coffee," said Matt Foley, Jameson Brand Director at Pernod Ricard USA. "When we started researching our next innovation, we didn't need to go far, as it had been under our nose all along."

It contains about half an espresso shot per serving, and comes in at a 30% ABV. The coffee liqueur Kahlua, for instance, is 20%. So you could have it over ice, or in a cocktail.

You can order Jameson Cold Brew online now for $37 a bottle. It’s expected to hit the stores in February.

Is this the perfect pick-me-up for Paddy's Day?

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