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Jamie's new show: 'keep cooking and carry on'

The nation's favourite launched a new Covid-19 cookery show last night

1y ago

Jamie Oliver has launched a new cookery show crammed full of recipes, tips and hacks designed to help us through the Coronavirus pandemic. His recipes are simple, healthy, and are based largely around larder or freezer items.

Zoe Collins, Chief Content Officer at the Jamie Oliver Group, said: “I’m extremely proud of our team who has responded to this challenge to turn around a brand new series in a matter of days. The show is a direct response to thousands of requests we have been receiving from people who are looking for some inspiration and assurance to help them through this difficult time. Jamie is a trusted voice to deliver that. We intend the show to be uplifting and very, very useful."

The first episode aired last night, and featured a bean chilli, a carbonara, a pea pesto, a versatile tomato sauce and pasta dough. The emphasis throughout was on flexibility; these are not intended to be strict recipes, but inspirational ideas, and adaptable concepts. Jamie's cooking presents principles and frameworks within which individuals can adapt to their taste and their cupboard supplies.

Despite being a program devoted to simple, utilitarian cooking, Jamie really brings each recipe to life with his expressive presentation. He explains each concept clearly, succinctly and light-heartedly.

Best of all, the show is laced with some displays of culinary flair that are a pleasure to watch. Jamie chops a clove of garlic spellbindingly fast, and challenges himself to cook two of his recipes simultaneously and make pasta dough, all within the time it takes for the dried pasta to boil. Just because these recipes are simple doesn't mean this show is dull.

Jamie's pasta dough is about as simple as it gets. He uses standard four, not Tipo 00, no eggs, and no pasta machine. Italians must be wincing at this section, but this is a show about getting by, not getting it right. If there's no pasta in the shops this super simple recipe could be a life saver, or at the very least a meal saver.

If you missed it, you can catch up on All4, or you can tune in again tonight on Channel 4 at 5:30pm.

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  • Nice. I like it.

      1 year ago
  • Yes, usually Jamies does easy cooking.

      1 year ago