Jane Fyffe brought the cake, so I brought the steak #FTBIRTHDAY

All birthdays deserve a tomahawk ribeye

Doug F posted in BBQ
4w ago

FoodTribe is celebrating a very special birthday that deserves a very special steak. Jane made a wonderful cake and you all have provided some great sides so I thought I would bring this nice tomahawk to the party.


1 tomahawk ribeye

homemade MSG umami powder


Generously apply some homemade MSG umami seasoning to the ribeye on both sides and edges. Drop the ribeye into a vacuum seal bag (you will need to add a bone guard) seal it up well and cook sous vide style at 137 degrees F for three and a half hours. When time is up take it out of the bag, pat dry, add some more seasoning. I then seared it over hard wood charcoal with just a little butter to help get the desired sear.

You should end up with a steak that looks like this.

What you end up with is a medium rare tomahawk that is so tender and juicy. I hope this steak is worthy to share with you all at the #FTBIRTHDAY potluck party.

Tell me what you all think of my contribution in the comments below. Stay safe, stay wonderful and as always, I love you all!

Happy birthday FoodTribe!

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