Jennifer Aniston serves coffee in Central Perk, just like the good ol' days

While guest hosting Ellen's talk show, the Friends star surprised fans with a visit the set of the show she worked at for 10 years.

1y ago

Despite the last episode of Friends being filmed over 15 years ago, the iconic set of Friends still stands completely intact in a studio somewhere in Hollywood.

As you might expect, it is a hugely popular attraction for adoring fans of the show, who travel far and wide to sit on the famous sofa in the Central Perk cafe.

A few fans got more than they bargained for recently when the disused set was complete with one of the show's stars: Jennifer Aniston. As part of her guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Aniston popped out from behind the sofa, coffee decanter in hand, and pretended to pour some into each fan's mug.

We can only assume that real coffee wasn't used for health and safety reasons: some of the fans reactions are bordering hysterical. Watch below to see for yourself.

What would you have done if Jennifer Aniston poured your coffee?

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