Jennifer Garner made soft pretzels and we're here for it

Her son said she was eating too much candy. She said challenge accepted

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Actor (and serious foodie) Jennifer Garner has upped her cooking game this past weekend when she made some seriously delicious looking pretzels.

In an Instagram video, the star explained what prompted her new kitchen ambition: “[My son] said to me yesterday, ‘Mom you have had too much candy. It’s time to stop.’ Well, that’s too big, when a kid can tell you you’ve had too much candy, but he didn’t say anything about soft pretzels!”

So soft pretzels were exactly what she made! Garner found the recipe from food show presenter and author Alton Brown, and helpfully shared the full recipe on Insta.

“If you’re looking to have a Good Mom Day 🏆, homemade soft pretzels should do the trick. ♥️♥️ Perfect for passing back to kids on their way to soccer/swim/ballet/coding/piano. I’ve tried a bunch of recipes 👵🏻 and love @altonbrown’s.”

Garner has three children with her ex-husband Ben Affleck (eight-year-old Samuel was the one who provided those salient words of wisdom about the candy).

When whipping up the snack, she tells the pretzels: “If anyone tries to suggest that you aren’t beautiful – they might be right. That’s how my kids now I made it. If it looks just a little sketchy, they know it’s mom.”

“Wow!” she said as she took her first bite. “Lord have mercy this is good!”

If you need more Jennifer Garner food content in your life, the actor actually hosts her own show on IG video, called #PretendCookingShow.

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