'Jeremy Clarkson has done more for farming than Countryfile has in 30 years'

*according to a sheep farmer and author who thinks it's amazing to see the impact Jeremy has had on farming over just one TV series

'Jeremy Clarkson has done more for farming in one season than Countryfile has in the last 30 years,' according to James Rebanks, a sheep farmer and award-winning author after he appeared at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

When talking about Amazon Prime's Clarkson's Farm, Rebanks said: “I can report back from within the farming community: they all loved that programme. They loved it. Ok, he’s clowning around and he plays to that audience, and a lot of farmers are lads that like machines and they would have watched Top Gear and all the rest of it.

“But what they really liked is [that] they have been frankly p****d off with Countryfile for about 30 years because the whole logic of Countryfile is that you can’t make a mainstream, prime-time TV programme about farming because farming is for a niche group of idiots."

He went on to explain how well Kaleb has been received by the farming community and that the BBC has taken Countryfile in the wrong direction because the 'BBC did not think farming had appeal beyond “a niche group of idiots."'

Does Rebanks have a point? Has Clarkson really done more for farming in one TV series than Countryfile has in the last 30 years? Quite possibly. Millions of people from all around the world have watched the show, and it isn't even about viewing figures and statistics at this point, it's about the wider picture.

Jeremy's show opened so many people's eyes to the troubles of farming in the UK at this time in history, and with any hope, he will have made enough of an impact to make a change and make it better for farmers such as Kaleb going forward.

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  • I am a fan of Clarkson's and farmers (without whom, we would all die). The folks I know in the farming communities around me, (I'm literally surrounded by farms, even across the road), are fans and love what he does. The sooner people start putting farmers above sports figures, politicians, actors, etc., the better off we will all be. Thank you, Jeremy!

      11 days ago
  • The Orangutan does wonderful things now and then!

      11 days ago
    • If you follow Clarkson´s career over they years you will notice he has a fantastic way to tell stories. WW2 (Victorian Cross, The St. Nazaire Raid, PQ17), Inventions than Change the World, etc. I was expecting something funny (and it was)...

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        11 days ago
  • I guess Clarkson did make a difference in his own specific way.

      11 days ago
  • Not to undermine Clarkson’s work. But countryfile has never had a strong rep with farmers. There’s a story that one time while filming they asked a farmer in a neighbouring field if he could stop his combine for a bit so they could do a piece to camera without the noise in the background. If it’s true, that goes a long way to explaining just how removed from their audience Countryfile are.

      11 days ago
  • Never complain about a farmer with your mouth full of food! Jeremy is doing a great job, and his efforts have nothing to do with vegan ideas. Your tummy thanks farmers also.

      11 days ago