Jeremy Clarkson is a surprisingly good cook

But he did eat it's sh*t sack...

1y ago

Despite Clarkson being thought of as a bit of a buffoon, he does know how to cook. In this video with Gordon Ramsay, he proves that he can in fact cook a rather delicious lobster dish. The episode was filmed over at Clarkson's house over in the Isle of Man. Clarkson even shows Ramsay some of his eggs which he named after premier league footballers.

The first part of the episode begins with them fishing for the lobster in question. They head out on a boat to find the best seafood.

The second video is where it really gets messy. Clarkson begins to cook. Jeremy's first job is to 'separate the egg from the shell' as he put it which went well...sort of. He then blends this together with garlic, saffron, mustard, lemon juice and olive oil to make the aioli. He then tastes some but before long, he had his cats arse on.

Clarkson then goes on to discover what the black line was inside the lobster. To his surprise and disappointment, he found out this is where the faeces lies. It is also something which he has never removed when cooking his own lobster. I think it's pretty safe to say that he will from now on. Once the lobster is all cut up they boil some potatoes and serve it up to Jeremy's family. I must say it looks rather tasty.

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