Jeremy Clarkson says the goverment should “ban the sale of avocados”

He also said they should do a better job at protecting British-made food

Jeremy Clarkson is, to all intents and purposes, a celebrity. And that applies to everything and anything he does or says. Now that he’s become Britain’s most famous farmer, whatever he says about farming always generates headlines.

Speaking at an event in Westminster hosted by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) last week, Clarkson said the British Government should make sure Britain’s self-sufficiency in food production doesn’t slip below its current level of 60%.

He and the NFU also agree that Britain should do a better job at promoting - and protecting - British-made food through filters and better labelling of online groceries.

“We can’t see the Germans coming across the Channel or the Chinese [to attack us], but we still maintain a significant air force, army and navy,” said Clarkson. “Surely if you’re going to maintain that level of defence to protect us, you would want to protect our food supply.”

Clarkson was rather serious about this but, in order to hammer the point home, he also used his signature dry humour. He commented: “You have to look after the farmers who provide the food. And I’d also ban the sale of avocados.”

Clarkson has been busy running his farm recently - his woes and issues have been well documented in the Amazon Prime Video series - but he mostly enjoyed it. He especially enjoyed putting in ponds, which he described as “[spending] £300 of happiness” to boost insects and birdlife.

”Everything is just better on the farm since I started paying just a little bit of attention, which didn’t actually cost that much money to do,” he added. “Ponds are very good for the environment and they’re fun to make. I enjoy it, insects come and I enjoy watching the birds, I think that’s a good message to get out there to farmers.”

What was your favourite of the show [Clarkson’s Farm]?

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  • "Jeremy Clarkson is, to all intents and purposes, a celebrity". Yes! "And that applies to everything and anything he does or says". Yes! But if it helps to highlight the issue and put it in national agenda, I say, "Good on you, mate!" We have same issues with food as well as fuel, but we, unfortunately, don't have have Jeremy Clarkson. Our Farmers' Federation is vocal, but it is not Jeremy Clarkson.

      1 month ago