Jeremy Clarkson teases new farm show

The Diddly Squat farm shop is officially up and running

It feels like we’ve been waiting a really long time for more info on Jeremy Clarkson’s new farm show.

His show, ‘I Bought the Farm’ is set to air on Amazon Prime some time in 2020.

Now, it looks like things are moving again. Clarkson has officially opened his Diddly Squat farm shop, and set up its own Instagram account.

Clarkson initially teased the opening of the shop 18 weeks ago, but after a couple of days it was closed again for mysterious reasons we’ll apparently find out about on the show.

The global pandemic has caused a few further delays, and left Clarkson with 10 tonnes of potatoes. However, being the charitable man he is, he offered them to self-isolating elderly in the Cotswolds.

Diddly Squat Instagram

Despite the Diddly Squat Instagram account being set up less than 48 hours ago, it’s already got 23,000 followers, and climbing rapidly.

The pictures posted so far show some rather delicious looking sausage rolls, and Turner Hardy & Co spiced tomato juice (for all the Bloody Mary lovers out there).

The shop also has a ‘cow juice’ machine, offering 24/7 access to milk, as well as a very glamorous ‘check-out girl’ – aka Jeremy’s lovely girlfriend, Lisa Hogan.

Lisa Hogan in the Diddly Squat farm shop

Lisa Hogan in the Diddly Squat farm shop

Never one to do anything quietly, Clarkson turned up to the Diddly Squat farm shop in 'The Excellent', built from a Land Rover Discovery chassis and Mercedes SL, as this photo from @max_ohayon shows.



Hopefully this shows that we will finally be able to see more of Clarkson's antics very soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Diddly Squat Instagram account.

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Comments (3)

  • I always suspected that Jeremy had hidden depths, just not that they were hidden under mud. He makes excellent viewing whatever he turns his hand to, so if farming it be, then farrrrming it jolly well is. I hope his polymath enthusiasm will find a bit of time to indulge in the more serious documentaries I've enjoyed so much from him. Well, good luck mate and watch out for Cow Pox!

      6 months ago
  • Is he going to be a regular on Countryfile on the BBC ? Lol or get a cameo role in Emmerdale?

      6 months ago
  • Can't wait

      6 months ago