Jeremy is still wallowing in the “bottomless pit of misery in farming”

Yes, the Clarkson’s Farm saga continues

Jeremy Clarkson has been writing a weekly column in The Sunday Times for… I don’t know, probably a thousand years. Over the last few years, his weekly missives have been covering farming as well as cars.

In a recent column, Clarkson revealed the latest ‘big problem’ with his Farm and – surprise, surprise – the most famous farmer in Chipping Norton is still swimming in an ocean of trouble.

Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper had just begun harvesting 50 acres of barley when they ran into another problem.

“Off went a full lorry load to the grain merchant, who called the next day to say that we hadn’t stopped in time, and that as a result 1.2 tonnes of the 30 he’d picked up was basically water,” Clarkson wrote. ”Understandably he said he wouldn’t be paying for that, so £170 was knocked off the price. And let’s not forget, £170 is £26 more than the farm earned in total last year.”

“Still, at least things then got worse,” he continued. “Because five of the tonnes we’d harvested wouldn’t fit in the lorry and as it wasn’t worth getting another truck for such a small amount, it’s been sitting in the open for a week, becoming crusty and damp and useless. So that’s another £700 down the drain.”

Apart from the useless crops and Cheerful Charlie’s endless list of “big problems” and another issue with next year’s oil-seed rape, Jeremy began making compiling an actual list of issues with the farm: ”The weather. Defra. Carrie Johnson. That b****y alpaca. Chris Packham. Brexit. Badgers. Ramblers. The timber shortage. Flea beetles. Black-grass. Sheep.”

Clarkson’s Farm Season II is coming soon. And I’m certainly looking forward to a new spin-off series called ”Clarkson’s Farm: Trials & Tribulations”.

What was your favourite Clarkson’s Farm moment?

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