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Jewish families prepare for a very different Passover with virtual Seders

Many are doing 'Zoomovers' instead

1y ago

This year’s Passover, which begins this evening and lasts until April 16, will undoubtedly be very different for Jewish families throughout the US. Pre-Passover gatherings have of course been cancelled and trips to the grocery store are being limited, as a result of Coronavirus.

But that hasn’t stopped folks ‘getting together’ to hold virtual Seders. Many are connecting - and feasting - with family and loved ones via Zoom.

Chad Martin and Kara Silverman are holding a ‘Zoomover’, NBC reports. They’re expecting more than 50 people to join them.

“As we slowly realized we weren’t going to be able to do it in person, it was just a no brainer to us to switch to the digital world and continue the tradition online,” Silverman said.

Many others are using OneTable to hold their virtual Seders. The website will host 800 Seders this year, CEO and founder Aliza Kline told CNN. That’s up from 200 last year.

Other rabbis have counseled Jews to buy much of the traditional food online to curb trips to the market.

Passover is the most widely celebrated Jewish festival. It marks the ancient Israelites' liberation from Egyptian slavery. The Passover Seder is a celebratory meal which usually includes kosher wine, potato kugel, matzo, brisket, and roast lamb.

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