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John Krasinki hosted a virtual celebrity chef potluck

Viewers sent in their recipes to be cooked up by the likes of David Chang, Martha Stewart and Guy Fieri

50w ago

John Krasinski has been bringing a little bit of joy into everyone’s lives throughout quarantine with his online series Some Good News. SGN sees the brilliant actor and all-round Hollywood heart throb share uplifting stories from around the world, in an attempt to counteract all the doom and gloom we’re seeing pretty much everywhere.

And here at FoodTribe we were especially happy to see a feature on the latest installment of SGN that had everything to do with food. Episode five of the series, which dropped on April 26, ended with a very star-studded virtual potluck.

The idea was that viewers submitted their family recipes and were then invited on the show. What these four lucky viewers didn’t know was that they would be joined on the call by some very famous chefs and foodies.

Krasinski said: "Being one of the least capable chefs on the planet, I really needed some help.”

A viewer named Nana sent in her recipe for a quarantini using vanilla and orange vodka. It was shaken by the internet’s new fave bartender, Stanley Tucci.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s family pierogi recipe was cooked up by cooking legend Martha Stewart. Meanwhile, Penny’s sloppy joe recipe was made by none other than Guy Fieri. And Shannon’s chicken dish was whizzed up by David Chang.

Like all the other eps of SGN, it’s a really heartwarming watch.

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  • That's cool

      11 months ago
  • It sounds amazing. I'm going to track the video down tonight. 😊

      11 months ago