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John Torode recreates Maccies' Apple Pie – and you can do it too

The Masterchef presenter and judge has taken to Instagram with a genius new recipe.

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This is sure to be a tough period for fast food aficionados: we've no Peri Peri, no popcorn chicken and no McFlurries. How on earth will we manage? Stay calm: John Torode has worked out a super simple McDonald's apple pie recipe, and you don't even need flour.

Many will be left craving the strangely particular tastes of fast food favourites, and what will be missed more than the Don of fast food: Maccies? McDonald's products all have a distinct flavour that is so easy to crave but so hard to recreate. Whether it's the mystery burger sauce, the perfect fries or the strangely McDonalds-y coke, every one of their offerings is a departure from anything you have at home, or elsewhere.

However, John Torode of Masterchef fame has taken to his wife's Instagram with a recipe for Maccies' apple pie. This fast food dessert is a classic, and has always been a million miles away from a normal apple pie. Cleverly, Torode has replicated it with an approach that is completely different from your usual apple pie recipe. Instead of pastry, he uses flattened sliced bread.

The recipe is fantastically simple, and crucially, it doesn't require flour. Flour is nowhere to be seen in any shop near me, so this is perfect for anyone looking to get baking without the normal supplies.

Please tell me how it's done...

All you have to do is cook apples in butter, cinnamon and sugar, then pop them inside a flattened bread pocket. After a little while in the oven, it will look and taste just like a McDonald’s apple pie.

The recipe was posted on Instagram by presenter Lisa Faulkner. I know what you're thinking: they should be social distancing. But don't get all het up – Lisa and John are married, so it's ok.

Lisa wrote out the recipe in the caption, but you can watch the charming couple making it in a thoroughly wholesome eight-minute video. The video also contains some recipe tips and tricks to ensure your apple pies are perfect, so it's well worth the watch.

Torode has always had a special relationship with apple desserts. Who could forget the time when an apple crumble brought a tear to his eye during an episode of Masterchef? Not me.

This is surely the perfect dessert to tuck into while watching Torode strutting his stuff on Masterchef. The current series is in full swing, and so far it's been a good'un. So bust out the bread, slice and stew some apples and enjoy!

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