John Torode suffers another cooking disaster

The Masterchef judge and chef isn't having a good run

1y ago

John Torode has worked in the restaurant business for decades, and for years has been the judge of Masterchef, one of the most prestigious cooking competitions to grace our screens. Of all people, then, you'd expect Torode to have expert culinary control.

However, he's just not getting on well cooking at home. Only last week he set fire to a tea towel live on air from his home kitchen, much to the amazement and horror of Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

This week, he posted this sorry sight to his Instagram page:

While making his "Mr John sauce", Torode's Nutribullet 'popped open', spraying the mix in all directions. John wrote in the caption that it went 'everywhere including the ceiling and all over the kitchen'. It seems clear that every one of those teapots and jugs on the shelf will need a clean, as well as the chopping boards, hob, sides and more.

As John puts it, "this pic doesn’t do it justice". Perhaps that's why this mess took "two hours of cleaning".

The comments were largely supportive. One woman wrote, "So very sorry my darling just wish I could have popped round to help you. Love you to bits."

Even Matt Baker of Blue Peter, The One Show and Countryfile had something to say. "Beans on toast for tea then 😂😂", he quipped.

Nutribullet has been contacted for a statement on the incident, but has declined to comment.

For now, we can do no more than hope that, for John's sake, the lockdown ends soon enough that he can return to his day job before any more disasters strike.

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