Johnny Marzetti

Recipe and origin of the dish.

49w ago

Marzetti's Restaurant was founded in 1896 by Italian immigrants Joseph and Teresa Marzetti. It was located in Columbus, Ohio near the Ohio State Campus. Johnny Marzetti was created sometime in-between 1896-1920's. This is a ground beef casserole. It originally consists of noodles, ground beef, tomatoes and cheese.

By the 1970's Columbus public schools were serving it to students and from there it spread to church suppers and home kitchens all over Ohio.

This dish varies from family to family but is still basically the same. Originally made with crushed San Marzano tomatoes but now you would most likely find it made with spaghetti sauce. From my husband's family I have had it with ground beef, macaroni, spaghetti sauce, onion, crushed cheese crackers and of course cheese.

This is very tasty and filling. Good for large family or for a pot luck. This would be good paired up with salad and garlic bread if you would like. Have you ever had Marzetti or something similar?

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