- B​eer Day Britain is an annual celebration of British beer and brewing, held every 15th June – Photo by Gonzalo Remy via Unsplash

J​oin a virtual cheers at 7pm this Beer Day Britain

T​he annual celebration of British beer is held on the 15th of June and, with the pubs closed, 2020's cheers is virtual

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W​hat would we have done without brewing? And I don't just mean over the last few months.

Take away breweries and we'd undoubtedly have fewer good memories of fighting our own friends over the years. There's no question we'd have had smaller beer bellies to flaunt proudly on beaches worldwide. And, obviously, quite a few of us may never have been conceived.

Now consider lockdown. How would our (at least) borderline alcohol problems have flourished if it weren't for the stalwart British brewers carrying on and delivering crates to our doorsteps? How would you have put up with living so close to others for so long without even the chance to escape? None of it would have been manageable without the good stuff.

So n​ow is the time to recognise our brewers. Today is Beer Day Britain, an annual celebration held on the 15th June each year to celebrate British beer and for us to raise a glass to those who make it.

According to the organisers' website, the purposes of the day are "to encourage people to celebrate beer and join the national party; to raise the profile of beer as Britain's national drink; and to celebrate Britain's amazing brewing scene and heritage in spreading the love and knowledge of beer around the world."

They also point out that today is the perfect day to hold such a celebration, as June 15th is an auspicious day for brewing; on this day in 1215, the Magna Carta was signed. And on that charter was mentioned ale.

"​Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale."

Brewers nationwide are joining in the celebration, posting on Twitter and even offering discounts.

Normally, pubs would be joining in too and irl glass clinks would be undertaken. As our pubs remain closed due to lockdown, however, the organisers are asking for a virtual glass clink on social media at 7pm with pictures of your beer(s) and the hashtag #CheersToBeer.

G​rab yourself your beer of choice, raise a glass to our nation's brewers and beer this evening and share your experience on social media using #CheersToBeer.

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